Waiting for the sun in Norfolk

Simon Dann is waiting for the showers to pass at Pound Farm, Tuddenham, Norfolk, with progress not as quick as he had hoped.

“The weekend’s weather has ground the combine to a halt, with the peas, wheat and grass seed still to go,” he said.

So far Mr Dann had cut 20ha of oilseed rape, which yielded better than anticipated at 4.2t/ha.

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The Cassia and Volume winter barley were the best the farm had ever seen, reaching 11.6t/ha across some parts of the farm.

“The whole farm average was around 9.8t/ha, which we’re very pleased with,” he added.

Solstice winter wheat hit the top grade for milling wheat and yielded 10t/ha.

Mr Dann was therefore pleased with yields across the board, with the end results far better than predicted.

“There’s been a lot of disease around this year, so we’re surprised the yields have been as good as they have been.”

Crop facts
Crop: Winter barley
Varieties: Cassia and Volume
Area: 28ha
Yield: 9.8-11.6t /ha
Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Solstice
Area: 21ha
Yield: 10t /ha

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