Waiting to start in Carnoustie

James Porter has not started combining yet at West Scryne Farm, Carnoustie, Angus, but farmers in the area have cut a lot of winter barley.

“We don’t have any winter barley, but from what I am hearing yields aren’t that great because of the dry June.”

Mr Porter just had Waggon spring barley and Alchemy winter wheat to cut, and expected to be into the barley over the weekend. (14 August).

“July has been pretty wet and it’s still pretty damp here now – we could do with it drying up a bit for harvest.

“But, winter barley aside, I think we have had enough moisture to help the crops.”

Many people were spraying off spring barley this week, but as Mr Porter’s Waggon was for seed he was expecting to wait a bit longer for harvest.

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