Weather divides East and West

Combines have been rolling in the East of England, but wet ground conditions and showers continue to prevent harvesting in the West and North.

Farmers were about 40% of their way through winter wheat in Kent, according to intakes at Weald Granary store.

 “Our dryers are flat out – they haven’t stopped for three weeks, said store manager John Smith.

Yields so far were excellent, and quality was holding up incredibly well. “We have not seen any drop off in Hagberg.”

In Norfolk, Chris Harrold was about a quarter of the way through his winter wheat.

“The wheat appears to be phenomenal,” he said. “If we can get it we’re looking at our best harvest since 1985.”

Further north, near Darlington, Michael Manners made a start on his winter wheat yesterday (21 August), combining at 21% moisture.

But in Fife, Scotland, Andrew Peddie had not cut anything for a week, and still had 4ha (10 acres) of oilseed rape to combine.

“The land is getting very soft and the rape is looking very weathered,” he said.

The same was true in Cornwall, where Martin Howlett had not had the combine out for nearly a month.

His winter barley was chitting in the field. “There’s a very serious danger that the entire crop will be lost,” he said.

“It was all looking so good before the rain – you could say it’s the best harvest we’ve never had.”




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