Web tool aids fungicide planning

 A NEW INTERACTIVE tool will allow growers to compare the effectiveness of different fungicides and plan future strategies, the Home-Grown Cereals Authority has announced.

The web-based guide provides independent information on fungicide dose response curves against all major foliar diseases, the HGCA said.

Growers and advisors can compare product effectiveness at a range of doses, explained ADAS‘s Bill Clark, who helped develop the tool.

“Fungicide resistance has become a real problem during the last two years and it has created a dilemma for farmers – particularly whether to use strobilurins and how to adjust triazole dose.”

The new site, together with the HGCA‘s ‘Wheat disease management – 2005 update‘ gives growers information on new products, their performance, and strob and triazole resistance, he added.

Visit www.hgca.com to access the fungicide dose tool and to download a copy of the latest wheat disease management guide.