West: Mildew starting to appear in oilseed rape

The last of my clients’ combines was put away on Monday 27 September, although I know of a few odd pockets of wheat still not cut in and around the county.

The wet harvest has been followed by daggly autumn weather, which is steadily making it harder to carry out non-inversion drilling. Persistent rainfall from Friday through to Monday of this week will probably halt all drilling for several days. We need two-to-three weeks of dry weather to allow those that haven’t finished to get drilled up.

All oilseed rape is in the ground and the early crops are at the six true leaf stage. The later-sown crops are at cotyledon and downy mildew is starting to appear on the cotyledons of early sown crops. There are no signs of phoma as yet.

Most have had a broadleaved weed herbicide and the later-sown crops are being sprayed once with the addition of a graminicide to control rapidly germinating volunteers. Volunteer barley has a lot of rynchosporium evident, but on the whole crops look good and are growing well.  All wheat after oilseed rape is now drilled and the early-sown crops are now at four true leaf. There are no major slug issues as yet, but recent wet weather may change this. Most of the wheat after rape has been sprayed either pre-emergence or peri-emergence using mixes of flufenacet, pendimethalin, diflufenican and flurtamone.

Those that have finished first wheats have moved on to second wheat drilling and all have had a take-all seed dressing applied. None have emerged yet, but it is likely to be too wet for a pre-emergence, so products will have to be applied at peri-emergence.

Winter barley drilling began two weeks ago and most forward crops are at the two true leaf stage. We will start applying post-emergence products this week and there are no slug problems, yet.

A few brave clients are having a go at growing winter linseed, mainly because runch and charlock is starting to swamp oilseed rape. We seem unable to control these weeds successfully in winter oilseed rape.

All crops went in well and were sprayed pre-emergence with a herbicide (SOLA) no sign of any herbicide damage and most forward crop is at four true leaf, probably going in this week with either graminicide plus fungicide or broadleaved weed herbicide with fungicide to take out volunteer oilseed rape and or runch.

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