West: Waiting for a weather window

It has been blowing a gale for the past three weeks and with just one spray day during this period applications are well behind. Mild temperatures mean weeds have been growing rapidly and post-emergence herbicides must be revisited as soon as there is a window in the weather.

Due to the size of weeds chlorololuron will probably be dumped in favour of Atlantis or Othello. As the weather is still relatively mild in the south west there is still time to get these on. Oats have been particularly badly affected and I think we will have to accept the fact that there will be a level of grassweeds in crops next year.

Wheat crops are growing apace with many supporting tillers per plant. And where applied, pre-emergence herbicides have worked well giving good control of grassweeds and broadleaved weeds.

Many oilseed rape crops haven’t had their autumn phoma control whichneeds to be addressed as a matter of urgency as there are signs ofdisease in the crop. 

Plants have been growing rapidly and now have excessively largecanopies. Unless we get a very hard winter, these crops will requiresome careful nitrogen management in the spring.

Barley is done and dusted for the winter and as nearly all was treated with Deter there was no need for a BYDV spray.

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