West: Hoping to apply N&S this week

Since my last report we have had further bouts of snow and sub zero temperatures, this has severely restricted any field work. Despite the weather the ground conditions today are pretty good particularly on the min till ground.

Manganese deficiency is an issue on lighter land on quite a few cereal crops (I think partly due to mild frost lift), will apply managnese at the 1st opportunity

All carbetamide applications to winter OSR have been made during the odd occasion when soil conditions have allowed. Pigeon control has been at the top of most clients agenda with the effort having paid off, where little or no control fields now look pretty bare and yield penalties will have been incurred.

Later-sown/backward crops will have low rates of N+So3 applied this week if conditions allow.Will also have a go at applying remaining graminicides+fungicide this week. Crops generally seem to have come through the winter well and the ‘big’pre christmas crops now look more manageable, we will not apply any N to these crops for at least two-three weeks.

Some compound has been applied to cereals but most will be applied fromthis week onwards again dependant upon ground conditions/weather. Latersown wheat crops that had no autumn herbicides are still relativelyclean, due to the cold weather will hold off with any spring productsfor at least another fortnight.

Forward crops will look to applyT0+growth reg at the end of this month but quite a lot will probablynot benefit from this approach. Rightly or wrongly feeling somewhatmore relaxed about the onset of yellow rust and may not use a specificT0 triazole to control but rely on T1 strob instead (it worked lastyear!!)

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