Wet soils prompt spray dilemma

RECENT WET weather means growers should take extra care before applying herbicides to avoid contaminating watercourses, experts have warned.

Growers considering using the herbicides isoproturon, chlorotoluron and simazine should avoid doing so if field drains are flowing or are likely to flow within the next 14 days, managers of the Voluntary Initiative advised.

But the range of alternatives to IPU and CTU currently available means there is no need for growers to panic, according to BASF‘s Andy Jones.

“IPU and CTU are versatile components of autumn weed control programmes, but where growers are faced with the risk of movement to surface waters there are alternative products for specific situations.

“The objective is not to replace IPU or CTU, but to make sure they remain available as a valuable component of weed control programmes in suitable situations,” he said.

Pendimethalin is the key active ingredient growers should look for due to its minimal potential for movement to water, he said.

He recommended growers use Stomp 400 SC (pendimethalin) with Lexus (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) or Atlantis WG (iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium + mesosulfuron-methyl) where there is an immediate resistant grass weed problem.