Wheat harvest 15% through, says ADAS

Almost 85% of the UK’s winter barley and oilseed rape has now been harvested, according to a report by ADAS.

Winter barley yields were below average and variable, but quality remained good, it said.

Oilseed rape yields were also variable, but in general above average.

As of 12 August almost 15% of the UK wheat area had been cut, with below average yields, varying according to soil type.

“All milling samples have Hagberg falling numbers above 250 seconds.”

Spring barley harvest was just over 5% through, and yields were also below average, with light land performing particularly poorly. However, quality remained good.

“Progress this week has been hampered by the weather, with patchy showers disrupting the harvest in most regions,” said the report.

“Further North and West, where showers were more frequent, harvest was reduced to just a few hours on up to three days.

“At the other end of the scale, progress in the South East and East Midlands was possible on up to six days, with long hours possible on two or three.”

Despite the rain, quality of all crops remained good, with no major concerns over mycotoxins, it added.

“Drying has been required on most samples in the North, while further South only samples harvested early in the day required a small amount of drying.

“Soil type continues to influence yields with heavy land outperforming light, leading to variable yields.”

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