Wheat plantings climb by 7%

WHEAT PLANTINGS in Great Britain are 7% up on last year at almost 2m ha (5m acres), according to the HGCA‘s planting survey of 3500 producers.

Winter barley plantings have fallen by 7%, to 419,000ha (1m acres) and spring barley area is 2% down at 587,000ha (1.5m acres).

Oilseed rape is up 11%, at 512,000ha (1.3m acres) and set-aside has dropped by 16%, to 567,000ha (1.4m acres).
The UK was therefore in line for about a 15.7m tonne wheat crop – leaving an exportable surplus of about 3.3m tonnes, said Glencore‘s James Maw.

Good quality was essential if prices were to remain supported, with a £5-£7/t downside if quality was inadequate, he added.