Wheat well underway in East Anglia

Suffolk grower Carl Driver of Bury St. Edmunds, started combining 300ha of Xi19 winter wheat last Friday. Over Friday and Saturday he cut 60ha of winter wheat, yielding 9.2 t/ha at 18% moisture. It came out with a specific weight of 74-76 kg/hl, protein of 12.6% and Hagberg of 260 seconds.

Mr Driver had also cut some Malacca in the total 160ha harvested so far. It yielded 8.6 t/ha.

He had finished 100ha of Flagon winter barley, cut at 16-18% moisture content, which yielded 7t/ha. It averaged 1.65% nitrogen.

Mr Driver was pleased with progress, despite being slightly behind last year, “It’s going well, and the better prices will make up for the widespread lower yields.” He said he’d been fortunate weather-wise and was sympathetic towards those worse affected by floods and water logging.

Harvest underway:
• Crop: Winter wheat
• Total cut: 160 ha
• Variety: Xi19,
• Area: 60ha cut
• Yield: 9.2 t/ha
• Moisture content: 18%
• Specific Weight: 74-76 kg/hl
• Hagberg: 260 sec.
• Protein: 12.6%

• Variety: Malacca
• Yield: 8.6 t/ha

Harvest Completed:
• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Flagon
• Area: 100ha
• Yield: 7 t/ha
• Moisture content: 13% (cut 16-18%)
• Nitrogen: 1.65%

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