Wheat yields expected to be lower in Shropshire

Shropshire grower Bruce Udale said he expected wheat yields generally to be down by 0.5-1.25t/ha due to the dry weather. He had started cutting winter wheat but had been rained off in Telford, and expected to continue later this afternoon.

“I’m sure yields will be down and it’s all due to the dry weather because the crops looked well until then.”

He said the drought across Europe would mean prices were likely to be around £100/t. He had sold a third of his wheat on forward contract, with the best price £90/t for next July, £82.50/t next May, and £81/t next February.

Mr Udale had finished oilseed rape harvest, with yields “about average” at 3.25t/ha, which was similar to others in the area. He said the only difficulty was that many people were suffering with low moisture levels of 5-6%, but most of his own crop was 6% and above.

“It is good because it means it didn’t have to be dried.”

Oil levels were about 40-44%, but Mr Udale said growers were generally not geared up to tackle the low moisture problems. “It’s a really unusual situation for farmers to be in.”

This year he grew Lioness and Castille, however he will replace Castille with Clarence next year. “According to the HGCA it is a better variety with more yield and more oil than Castille.”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Varieties: Castille and Lioness
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 3.25t/ha
• Quality: Moisture

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