Wider window for spud sprout suppressant

POTATO GROWERS now have the option to use a new chlorpropham (CIPC) sprout suppressant on stored crops much closer to unloading, Luxan has announced.

The firm claims Gro-Stop 100 is the first CIPC formulation that can be used as little as two days prior to unloading the store – the previous minimum withdrawal period was 21 to 28 days.

The decision applies to the full rate of 100ml per tonne or 30g of active ingredient, it said.

“It will give growers the flexibility to respond to market needs, whether that means out-loading before Christmas or in 2006,” said the firm’s Malcolm Nursey.

When making applications, growers should keep fans on to maintain air circulation, added Yorkshire-based store operator, Colin White.

Luxan said venting of stores can resume eight hours after an application to prevent the build up of carbon dioxide and ethylene, which can affect fry quality.