Will Howe in market for new telehandler

The local pubs are alive with proud farmers. If you listen carefully, you would think all farmers should be pin-striped marketing executives in the City given their prowess in achieving £200/t for most of their wheat and storing oilseed rape in the certain knowledge the price would exceed £400/t.

My humble marketing strategy won’t realise these values, but it has led to a far healthier average than I could have imagined 12 months ago.

With the ever-increasing prices for the next two years’ of harvest, it’s hard to know when to sell. The obvious answer is at the top of the market, but with November 2011 wheat now at £170/t, that seems a pretty good place to start. How long this market will continue is anyone’s guess, but the outlook is positive.

Unfortunately, our gain is partially driven by others’ misfortune. I have always harboured a desire to be a large-scale Australian wheat baron, but the current situation has shown what an unforgiving climate the country has, and it most certainly put our wet autumn into perspective.

After Santa’s visit, it appears I was a good boy last year. There will be a shiny direct drill delivered to the farm in the next few months and I am currently scouring farming ads and the internet for telehandlers at a reasonable price. With so many used machines available, it amazes me the second-hand prices can remain so strong. The hunt for a bargain continues.

On completing the deal for my new drill, I felt like a batsman walking out to bat in front of a packed stadium with the knowledge that you are making the right decision, but one mistake could be disastrous. Hopefully, the new drilling system will resemble Alistair Cook’s efforts rather than those of Ricky Ponting.

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