Windsor oilseed rape pleasing

Colin Rayner from Windsor, Buckinghamshire, started cutting Labrador oilseed rape today (12 July), having dessicated the crop last Monday (3 July). He was pleased with 202ha cutting at 3.7t/ha which he said was slightly better than last year. It came off at 9% moisture, with two loads selling for £164/t.

Mr Rayner hoped 120ha of Pearl winter barley would be ready by the weekend. “We’re looking for malting quality so we can’t cut the winter barley too early.”

He expected Soissons winter wheat would be ready within 10 days. Despite needing more rain, he said the wheat “looks very well and is all still standing in the fields”.

Mr Rayner was hoping for a good harvest this year and the weather would remain dry as “the cost of diesel is astronomical”. He said the weather has been slightly kinder to him already this year.

Having only received 80% of the single farm payment on one of his farms, Mr Rayner added: “The bureaucracy and paperwork I can’t cope with, it’s ghastly. It’s this farming bit which I enjoy.”

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