Winter wheat in York is almost ready to harvest

Keith Snowball of J. L. Snowball & Partners (contractors) had three combines waiting to start work on 96ha (240 acres) of Solstice winter wheat grown at High Farm, Brandsby, York.

Keith’s brother Alan had been cutting at 20.3% moisture with yields at 8.25t/ha (3.3 t/acre).

Keith had 48ha (120 acres) to cut, currently at 14.7% moisture content.
He intended to begin the wheat this afternoon.

He was pleased finished 160ha (400 acres) of oilseed rape last Sunday morning.  It was cleared between 7.8-11% moisture and yielded (3.75-4.5 t/ha) (1.5-1.8 t/acre).

He managed to avoid ‘wet holes’ and said he was only “stuck fast” once.

He had completed 88ha (220 acres) of winter barley, which came in below 15% moisture yielding (2.5-3.8 t/acre). 32ha (80 acres) of Pearl went for malting.

It went for a reasonable price, he said: “Prices are just shooting up.”

Twelve hectares (30 acres) of Dalguise and Gerald Oats did well, yielding 7.5 t/ha (3 t/acre) between 15-17% moisture content.

Commenting on the harvest Keith said, “It’s progressed very well considering early weather conditions. But with prices we’re in un-chartered waters and everyone’s tearing their hair out to get crops sold when prices are highest.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Area: 88ha (220 acres)
o Variety: Pearl
o Area: 32ha (80 acres)
o Moisture: 15%
o Yield: (2.5-3.8 t/acre)

• Crop: Winter oats
o Area: 12ha (30 acres)
o Varieties: Dalguise and Gerald
o Yield: 7.5 t/ha (3 t/acre)
o Moisture: 15-17% 

• Crop: Oilseed rape
o Area: 160ha (400 acres)
o Varieties: Castille, Lioness, NK Grace, Excalibur.
o Yield: 3.75-4.5 t/ha (1.5-1.8 t/acre).
o Moisture: 7.8-11%

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