Worst wheat ever near Stratford

Wheat yields have been very disappointing at Batch Acre Hall, Stratford, Staffordshire, but oilseed rape was the best ever.

“We’ve still got a bit of wheat to do, as well as some spring rape and spring barley,” said John Wilcox.

“We’ve had rain today (6 September), but it’s only just fit so I’m not worried.”

The winter wheat was probably the worst wheat he had ever grown, having been mauled into wet ground after potatoes.

“I really shouldn’t have sown it – we’d made such a mess lifting the potatoes, and it just never really got going.”

Some fields had struggled to do 5t/ha, while a few lighter fields had managed 7.9t/ha, said Mr Wilcox. “We’ll probably average 6.9t/ha.

“The only consolation is that I sold it at a good price – we got £200/t, which is looking quite good now.”

In sharp contrast, PR46W21 and Compass oilseed rape had produced a record 5t/ha. “We’ve only grown rape for four years, and it was just amazing.”

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