6 of the best – who said what at the Semex conference

Farmers, milk processors and other dairy industry representatives gathered for the annual Semex conference, covering both market and technical aspects of milk production.

Farmers Weekly’s Jack Yates was at the conference and asked people for their frank views.

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Some of the event’s more memorable quotes

The white stuff is knackered – there is zero money in liquid milk. Chris Walkland, dairy market analyst

The reason milk is being sold at the price it is and veganism is rising is because we haven’t done enough as an industry. Our mindset should not be this is someone else’s responsibility to do this for us. It is our responsibility.  Ash Amirahmadi, managing director Arla Foods UK

Manure farming is becoming bigger than milk in places. In the states, you could almost become shit farmers first, milk farmers second.  Sue McCloskey, US dairy farmer and founder of Fair Oaks Farms

China will never be self-sufficient in milk. Over the last 12 years there has been no growth in milk production. They have every bell and whistle in the world. They get $25/hundredweight (56.7p/litre), they should be profitable but they’re not.” Charlie Perotti, Fonterra China production director

People have never been as interested in where their food comes from as now. We have an opportunity like never before to build a relationship with our customers through technology. Farming is cool again. I am continually surprised at the warmth of feeling I get from 99.9% of people. Will Evans, mixed farmer in Wrexham and Farmers Weekly columnist

Agents are like bananas, some are yellow, some are green – but all of them are bent.” Colin Price, Yorkshire dairy farmer