AgriLive Smithfield 09:Student bursary for new entrants

A student bursary scheme aimed at helping people make a career in the livestock industry has been launched at this year’s AgriLIVE Smithfield, Stoneleigh.

Applicants to the ABP Student Bursary Scheme will be able to make proposals to study a relevant course, full- of part-time, at any higher education institution in the UK.

ABP will offer a variety of provisions to the successful applicants throughout the period of study. This will include financial support, work experience and opportunities to work on relevant projects.

The scheme will be open to individuals between the ages of 18 and 26 who want to get involved in the livestock sector as farmers, food technologists or in the processing industry.

Stuart Roberts of ABP said it was important for the future of the livestock industry to encourage and grow talented youngsters. “The scheme offers a real opportunity to support tomorrow’s farmers and workers in the processing industry.

“Our industry is becoming so technological and we need to attract highly educated and motivated workers.”

“It is more important than ever that we actively support young people who are determined to build a career in such an important sector of the farming industry,” agreed Alistair Mackintosh, chairman of the NFU livestock committee.