Agrovista UK announces plans to expand R&D

Agrovista UK has announced plans of a major expansion of its research and development programme.

The programme will be based at eight sites nationally, in addition to the 28ha research farm in Leicestershire and its dedicated blackgrass site in Maidwell, Northamptonshire.

Agrovista hopes regional focus will allow greater transfer of knowledge in a practical way, via onsite demonstrations and discussion group meetings.

However, as a result of this initiative, Agrovista will not be attending Cereals 2011, but will concentrate on the technology transfer opportunities from these sites in the coming season.

One long-term project already announced will investigate how growers can maximise the potential of the oilseed rape crop.

The project is being run under the banner “Growing through Innovation” and it plans to take oilseed rape establishment trials to the next level of performance.

It will involve project partners Simba, Vaderstad, local growers, colleges and students.

Colin MacEwan, managing director of Agrovista, said: “There is a real issue developing in the combinable crop sector where funding has reduced to such a level, innovation is suffering and becoming limited.”

But the company has decided to expand its development capability.