AHDB levy rates will not increase this year

Levy board rates for the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will remain the same for 2015-16.

This will be the third year in a row that rates have not increased. AHDB’s board had recommended the Potato Council’s levy be increased, but subsequently decided against a rise.  

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The total levy for 2015-16 is forecast at about £57.3m and will be supplemented with grants and commercial income forecast to be about £8.3m.

AHDB is funded by statutory levies paid by farmers and growers and others in the supply chain. Levy rates are approved annually by ministers.

The levy board’s purpose is to make agriculture and horticulture industries more competitive and sustainable. Following a six-week consultation it has set out five priorities for the coming year to help levy payers:

  1. Improve productivity and cost management (resource management, climate change, soils and water, managing market volatility)
  2. Prevent and manage disease
  3. Deliver market development (export development, promoting quality products to differentiate against imports, market information and analysis)
  4. Understand and adapt to the regulatory and policy environment
  5. Address labour market issues and skills development.

Funds are raised from six commodity sectors and are ring-fenced for that sector. The 2015-16 levy payments are forecast to bring in:

Funding source/ industry

Forecast net levy income 2015-16

Pigs in England


Beef & lamb in England


Milk in Great Britain


Horticulture in Great Britain


Cereals and oilseeds in UK


Potatoes in Great Britain


Non-levy income (grants and commercial)


Total net income


Producer/grower levy rates for 2015-16


Pigs (England)

85p a head


£4.05 a head


8p a head


60p a head

Great Britain





United Kingdom

Cereals grower




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