Animal health warning after vaccine robbery

Farmers in Cumbria are being warned not to risk their livestock’s health by buying animal health products unofficially after a robbery at an agricultural supplier.

Wynnstay said farmers should be wary of vaccines, worming products and animal health supplements being sold cheaply or not through usual suppliers after its Kendal store was raided by thieves.

Andrew Evans, Wynnstay retail director, said unless the products had been stored correctly, they could have been affected and potentially damage herd and flock health.

“Many vaccines and animal health products need to be stored under specific conditions,” he said.

“Unless they are kept at the right temperature and out of direct sunlight, their ability to provide the necessary levels of disease protection may be detrimentally affected.”

Mr Evans said fraudulent sales of prescription-only medicines were becoming increasingly common and urged farmers to treat any suspect products with caution.

“If there is any doubt concerning the quality or origin of any animal health products, farmers should contact their animal health rep or veterinary surgeon to ensure that their animals remain adequately protected.”

Wynnstay has full batch traceability for all of the missing goods and has advised farmers not to buy any products that they suspect to be of dubious origin, he added.