Asda makes legal action threat

MEMBERS OF Farmers For Action have been threatened with legal action if they continue to protest at Asda‘s distribution depots.

All FFA co-ordinators and several of the group‘s supporters received a letter delivered by courier on Fri (Nov 19) claiming the supermarket was suffering because of the action.

The letter warned the farmers that unless they stopped their protests then the retailer will seek an injunction against them.

It also suggested that the supermarket could try and get compensation for the losses incurred as a result of what they see as farmers‘ unlawful action.

FFA has been trying to focus attention on the low level of milk prices by staging protests at Asda sites up and down the country since Oct 20.

Although the supermarket announced on Nov 3 that the price it will pay its 600 milk suppliers will increase by 0.5p/litre, FFA still thinks Asda could do more to raise prices.

The group wants the supermarket to convince the processor Arla to reinstate a 0.4p/litre price cut made in September, to all Arla farmers.

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