Bagel deal in the bag

The New York Bagel Company has clinched a three-year deal with a group of South Yorkshire farmers to supply wheat for its bagels.

In the first year, the firm will buy 6000t of grade one wheat for a fixed 20/t milling premium, with a further 6000t at market rates.

“There is a key opportunity here for South Yorkshire farmers to get involved in a local supply chain,” said Patrick Thornton at Business Link South Yorkshire.

“It will raise the profile of wheat farmers in South Yorkshire, opening the door to other supply chain opportunities.”

A spokeswoman for Maple Leaf Bakery, which makes the bagels for the growing UK market at a new site in Rotherham, S Yorks, said the contract was aimed at incentivising farmers.

“It ensures we have a reliable and constant supply of good quality wheat for production.”