Batches of chlorothalonil fungicide Joules withdrawn from market

Unapproved versions of popular fungicide active, chlorothalonil, are being withdrawn from the market, the Pesticides Safety Directorate has announced.

Analysis of Nufarm’s Joules product showed much of the marketed material had a formulation that differed from the that specified in the Approval Notice.

“The product affected has batch numbers in the form FOxxxx (“x” being numbers) and xxxxxxxxx xx/xx,” PSD said. Product with the batch number GA xxxx remains on the market.

Nufarm and PSD have agreed that all sales and supply of the affected product will stop immediately, with the affected product being removed from distributors, and the affected batches will be disposed of safely by Nufarm.

No regulatory action was planned by PSD in relation to product already held by farmers or contractors before the 29 March 2007 [the date the update notice was issued], PSD said.