Beef prices break 200p

BEEF PRICES broke through the 200p/kg deadweight barrier this week (w/e July 2), with the average R4L steer price in Great Britain hitting 200.1p/kg for the first time since the BSE crisis.

Heavier, -U grade steers in England and Wales reached almost 203p/kg, while in Scotland U4L steers hit 207p/kg.

The average price rose about 4p on the week, 18p clear of last year‘s values.

Heifer prices too made further gains above the 200p/kg mark, although the average GB price remains 198.6p/kg, up 2p on the week.

Average liveweight values also improved slightly.

National Beef Association chairman Robert Robinson said the news was encouraging, but higher prices would be needed after CAP reform.

“In a decoupled world, the retailers need to send farmers a strong market signal. So we need to go onwards and upwards.”