Belgian retailer chooses quality Welsh lamb

Welsh lamb is to hit the shelves of Belgian supermarket Delhaize, displacing New Zealand supplies.

Processor Randall Parker Foods has struck a deal to supply the Belgian retailer with 500 Welsh lambs a week through 134 of its stores.

Nearly all of Delhaize’s current lamb supplies are from New Zealand.

The contract, unveiled at this week’s rain-soaked Royal Welsh Show, will take lamb from 200 Welsh producers to be retailed under three Welsh brands.

Delhaize will stock Welsh Saltmarsh lamb from September to October, Welsh Mountain lamb from October to November and Glamorgan lamb through to January.

The agreement had been reached with the help of Hybu Cig Cymru (Meat Promotion Wales).

Randall Parker Foods’ procurement director Juliette Davies said nearly 200 producers would benefit. Lambs would be sourced on a deadweight basis at a price worth about 5p/kg more than the market average. “And is offers farmers a guaranteed market for their lambs during these periods.”

Farmers would be able to supply Delhaize for up to six months of the year, she added.

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