Blonde d’Aquitaine meat to beef up offering at M&S

Marks & Spencer will be adding Blonde d’Aquitaine bulls to its approved beef breeds sire list later this year.

M&S has undertaken extensive meat eating quality assessments on Blonde-sired beef over a four month period and the breed will now be accepted by the supermarket.

Commenting on the inclusion of Blondes, M&S agriculture manager Steve McLean said; “In accepting Blonde cattle into the M&S supply chain, we are recognising the good eating quality attributes identified through extensive trials.

“We are confident that M&S customers will benefit from the breed’s inclusion”.

Caroline Jackson breed secretary for the British Blonde Cattle Society said; “I am delighted with the positive outcome following the time and effort that has been put into the trials, resulting in the inclusion of Blonde cattle onto the buyers list for Marks & Spencer. I believe this will increase our market share within the beef industry”.