Breed for larger joints and earn more money

Pig producers could get an extra 60p/carcass over factory prices for stock bred specifically for larger high value primal joints such as hams and legs.

Lincs-base processor Geo Adams has launch its Titan Pork Partners Scheme where producers using a Pietrain-derived Titan terminal sire on Genepacker 90 females, both from East Yorks-based breeder JSR Genetics, will be rewarded for pigs with more extreme conformation.

According to Helen Walker, pig development manager at Geo Adams, the scheme reflects niche retail demand for larger high value joints, particularly hams for Marks & Spencer.

“We estimate the extra value to the company will be 1/carcass and 60p will be passed back to producers.

” However, involvement in the scheme comes at a price.

JSR Titan boars are expected to cost about 600 apiece although leasing and AI options are available.

These options should overcome problems encountered with Geo Adams’ LincPork initiative – a dedicated scheme for Budgens supermarkets – where supply of finishers has been curtailed due to producers’ reluctance to opt for AI over natural service.

But payments to producers could increase further, Ms Walker added.

Geo Adams will become the first processor to switch over to whole-carcass ultrasonic scanning rather than a single backfat reading to determine carcass value with the introduction of AutoFoM scanners early in 2006.