Bright future for British Lion egg products

The UK egg products market is now worth £200m and is set to carry on growing over the next few years despite recent market volatility, according to a new report.

The Egg Products 2007/08 Market Report, produced by British Lion Egg Products, reviews the state of the market at present and where it may be going in the future.

Egg products include liquid and frozen whole eggs, omelettes and ready boiled, amongst many others, and now account for 28% of all eggs consumed in the UK, equivalent to around 54 million eggs a week, and this is forecast to grow still further after positive 2008 half year figures.

Total production of egg products by UK egg processors has shown a 3.7% increase in the first half of 2008 and Industry confidence is high, despite the legislative challenges that lie ahead including the implementation of the conventional cage ban.

In the last year, the unpredictability of the raw materials market has presented a significant challenge to the industry and is expected to continue to do so.

However, increasing consumer demand for ready prepared meals and a rise in ‘eating out’ have resulted in rising demand for egg products. There is also increasing demand for British Free Range egg products.

Clive Frampton, British Egg Product Association chairman, commented: “The egg products industry accounts for more than a quarter of eggs consumed in the UK and it is becoming an increasingly important market.

The past 12 months have been challenging, and there are a raft of new challenges on the horizon. But, despite this the industry is confident that the future for egg products is bright.”