Britain’s Sexiest Farmer – the judging begins

Thanks to everyone who’s entered our Britain’s Sexiest Farmer competition – we’ve had more than 300 nominations.

Some were self-nominated while others put forward their other halves, siblings, parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow students or Young Farmers as contenders for this accolade.

The judges are now in the process of looking at every picture and reading the citations, drawing up the shortlist and contacting the five men and five women who have made it through to the next stage of the competition.

We’ll then open it to a public vote and give FWi users the chance to vote for the man and woman who they think should be crowned Britain’s Sexiest Farmers.

Some people have been nominated because they’re good-looking, but the judges are also keen to recognise other qualities which can constitute sexiness, such as people’s hard-working nature or their sense of humour.

It’s a fun competition but one that’s also got a serious side by helping to dispel some of the myths about farming and prove it’s a vibrant industry.

We’ll reveal the shortlist on January 8 but, in the meantime, you can see all the entries here.