British Sugar agrees to extend offer deadline

British Sugar has agreed to extend the offer deadline for 2009 grower contracts to 15 August following negotiations with the National Farmers Union on Wednesday.

The NFU and British Sugar will be sending a joint letter to growers tomorrow (Saturday 28 June) in which it says:

“Following the conclusion of negotiations between the NFU and British Sugar, the agreed terms for the 2009 contract are as follows: BOTH PRICE OPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO GROWERS UNTIL 15 AUGUST 2008.”

The announcement means both the minimum price contract at £24 a tonne and the fixed price contract at £25 a tonne are “available until 15 August with no further conditions attached,” the NFU has told FWi.

Growers had originally been offered the two contract options in a letter from British Sugar on 9 June. The NFU then wrote to growers putting the offer in context and confirming its view that the deadline was too short.

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Further discussions with British Sugar failed to resolve matters and the NFU contacted growers on 19 June to confirm it had formally rejected the contract offers. This communication resulted in Wednesday’s meeting at which British Sugar agreed to extend the deadline.

For more information growers should contact their area manager, the British Sugar helpdesk (0870 2402 314) or the NFU helpline (0870 066 1974).