British Sugar wins over enough growers

After several weeks of price negotiations, British Sugar has announced that, as of 26 August, beet growers had agreed to grow 97% of the 2009 crop.

Cancellations or reductions in contracted amounts accounted for less than 1%, BS group development director Karl Carter said.

“As is usual for this time of year, a number of contracts have yet to be returned. We will be contacting those growers over the next few weeks and we expect to be fully subscribed,” he said.

BS also confirmed how much compensation growers would be paid under the EU restructuring, which saw 13.5% of UK quota relinquished in 2007. At current exchange rates, the payment, based on the 2006, 2007 and 2008 contracts, works out at about £1.72/t a year.

To receive Sugar Restructuring Aid, growers must apply using the application form sent out by British Sugar recently.

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