Buildings levy is a ‘tax on food production’

Farmers who put up new buildings may face a new levy under a change in planning regulations.

The move has been described as “tax on food production” by the NFU, the CLA, TFA and CAAV who have been jointly lobbying for an exemption from the new levy for agricultural buildings.

The government has just published draft regulations for a Community Infrastructure Levy which may see a charge on almost all new building development.

The levy is intended to see that part of any uplift in land values, created when planning permission is granted, is used to help fund the infrastructure required by the new development in the surrounding area.

However, farm leaders have pointed out that the evidence presented to government shows that there is no such uplift in land value when planning permission is granted for agricultural buildings.

A joint statement from the NFU, CLA, TFA and CAAV said: “This is a very short-sighted move from government particularly when it is promoting food production as part of its Food 2030 strategy.

“The charge will undermine the desire and ability of farmers and growers to invest in their business – essential for our long term food security. It is nothing more than a tax on food production.

“This levy places an additional financial burden on the entire farming sector and we are deeply disappointed by the government’s approach.”