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Fuel costing the earth? It doesn’t need to…

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Claydon is celebrating 20 years’ direct strip seeding, its leading tine drill at the heart of Opti-Till® crop establishment machinery, delivering low-cost, high-yield solutions whilst improving soil structure and health.

5 ways in which Claydon drilling helps customers around the country to reduce their diesel bills:

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  • With Claydon drilling, you drill direct – there is no need to plough and power harrow. Without as many power-hungry operations, fuel savings can stack up.   Even before this year’s fuel price increases, Claydon drillers were reporting large savings: 
    “In the first year that drill saved us 30,000 litres of fuel compared with our previous system.”  Customer, Northamptonshire
  • Claydon drilling helps improve soil structure, with the leading tine loosening and aerating soil only in the growing zone, leaving most of the soil undisturbed. Soil becomes easier to drill, requiring less horsepower. 
    “Establishing crops now needs so little power that I sold one of my two 550-gallon fuel tanks because it was no longer needed.”   Customer, Gloucestershire
  • Moving and wearing parts are minimal, making for a lighter direct strip till drill, reducing annual consumable costs 
    “It is also much more relaxing to use than our previous power harrow-drill combination which needed to be replaced regularly due to the rapid wear and tear on components. It is also much easier on the tractor, so I now spend little time in the workshop.”  Customer, Worcestershire
  • Soil is graded with the Claydon drill’s self-levelling chassis, making travelling easier 
    “The Claydon drill acts like a grading machine and over the last four years it has levelled the fields so well that it makes following operations such as spraying and harvesting much easier, quicker and kinder on machinery.”  Customer, Co. Durham
  • Soil structure is retained, tramlines remain firm and carry following traffic easily 
    “The other thing that has surprised us is how well following machinery travels on Claydon-drilled land. Because most of the plant roots from the previous crop are left undisturbed the soil is much more supportive, a huge advantage when it comes to spraying and applying fertiliser with our 2500-litre self-propelled machine early in the season.”  Customer, Kent

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Won’t yields drop?

Not with Claydon.  Here are 5 reasons why:

With Claydon drilling:

  • the leading tine loosens soil only in the growing zone, creating an aerated tilth for crops to grow strong roots
  • loosening the soil drains water away from the seed during times of high rainfall, promoting healthy crop growth
  • during times of low rainfall, crops tap into the moisture retained in the undisturbed banks of soil between the seeded rows
  • light and air infiltrate the bands between the seeded rows, promoting healthy growth
  • worms and soil biota thrive in the unturned soil, improving fertility

An AHDB webinar in September 2021 showed results of a study of 20 monitor farms comparing autumn cultivations and winter crop establishment which includes a cost vs yield comparison.  One of the farms was Claydon-drilled and ranked as one of the highest yielding but also one of the lowest cost of establishment.

This experience is borne out elsewhere in the country.

“With the Claydon System, seed is always drilled into moist soil which has been fully aerated by the Hybrid’s leading tines. This means that germination and establishment are consistent whatever the conditions, making it much easier to time spray applications and produce better results. Yields are also higher and more consistent, particularly on headlands, which are the last areas to be drilled so that any compaction is removed.”  Customer, Northamptonshire


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