Farmer dies after being headbutted by cow

A Worcestershire farmer died after she was headbutted into the air by a cow, an inquest was told.

Patricia Ann Ganderton suffered fatal injuries when she landed, hitting her head on a concrete floor after being tossed 1m high.

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Known as Annie, the 64-year-old died on 6 July – 13 days after the accident on 24 June at The Oakes Farm, Shoulton Lane, Hallow, Worcestershire.

Senior coroner Geraint Williams recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Worcestershire Coroner’s Court heard Mrs Ganderton, who had more than 40 years of farming experience, was trying to reintroduce the cow to her calf.

She ran the farm with her husband Rae.

Mrs Ganderton had temporarily separated the cow from her calf to allow her to graze, the inquest was told.

But the animal ran at her as she opened a gate to reintroduce the calf, headbutting her in the stomach.