Farmers discuss spikes and road safety on FWiSpace

A letter to Farmers Weekly has sparked an interesting discussion on the forums about what is the best approach if driving on the road with loader tines or a bale spike.

The letter from a J Clifford from Studley in Warwickshire said: “While waiting at traffic lights at Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, I witnessed a John Deere tractor pulling a large bale trailer full of straw, with a front end loader and large muck fork with unguarded tines.

“They were approximately two foot off the ground. Please remind people of the injuries and even deaths that can be caused by even one uncovered tine penetrating a human body or a driver’s door.

“It is a simple procedure to guard the tines or lift the loader up in the air. Having witnessed this first hand I know the damage that can be done.”

Respondents ask whether manufacturers and lobby groups should be doing more to raise awareness of the problem.

They also share their own views – with some saying they always remove tines before going on the roads.

To read the full discussion and add your own thoughts visit the forums.