Farmers urged to think about whether emergency vehicles could find them

Farmers are being asked to make sure they can confidently explain to the emergency services where their property is located.

The Country Land and Business Association has pointed out that emergency vehicles are having difficulty finding some addresses in rural areas because of a lack of street names and signs.

It says simples measures such as clear signage, having clear and accurate directions and even knowing your grid refernce could help save lives.

Douglas Chalmers, director CLA North, said: “Although we all hope that we never have to call out the Emergency Services to our homes, farms or businesses, taking action now might ensure that if they ever are needed, they arrive as quickly as possible.

“We are simply asking that rural dwellers take time to think “Am I easy to find?” or “What would the best directions be?” before they might have to in an emergency. Signs should be well maintained, and kept clear of undergrowth.

“We should also think about other practical measures. Everyone who might be likely to place an emergency call – children, family and staff – should be able to give really clear directions. Maybe these directions, the post code, which is often used by emergency control centres and ideally the grid reference, should be kept by the telephone. Don’t forget that the lane or track you happily use in your car may be totally unsuitable for larger vehicles such as fire engines.

“The threat of rural crime may lead to some access roads being sometimes blocked by locked gates. Can they be opened quickly in an emergency? If a route is particularly complicated, it may be worthwhile planning to send someone to meet the emergency services.”

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