Webinar: Evaluating the challenges facing farming in 2021

Evaluating the financial, business and personal challenges facing farming in 2021

Uncertainty has always been crippling either from a business perspective or a personal one and unfortunately we are dealing with an enormous wave of it coming towards farmers in 2021. Looking at the overall challenges and changes that farmers will be confronted with in the new year might seem insurmountable and daunting.

Farmers Weekly in partnership with Azets, have invited an esteemed panel of experts to unwrap the support available to farmers during a time of crucial transition.

In this session we gain an enhanced understanding on insolvency, tax and financial implications you may run into in 2021 and discover the resources available as you navigate personal challenges

Our expert speakers are:

  • John Gardner, Partner, Azets
  • Sarah Hendry, Director General, Country Land and business Association
  • Janet Hughes, Programme Director for farming & countryside, DEFRA
  • Simon Morgan, Chairman, SIA Group