CAP proposals ‘recognise benefits of organic’

The Soil Association has welcomed the European Commission’s plans to ‘green’ direct support payments as recognition of the environmental benefits of organic farming.

Commenting on the Commission’s proposals to dedicate 30% of direct support payments towards green measures, announced on Wednesday (12 October), the association said the move would benefit the climate and the environment. 

It also welcomed plans to automatically make certified organic growers eligible for the payment – without additional requirments – because they are “shown to provide clear ecological benefit.

“In the Rural Development (Pillar 2) element, the ‘new separate measure’ for organic farming, designed to give organic farming greater visibility, is particularly important for UK organic farmers,” a spokeswoman said.

“We currently receive lower Pillar 2 payments in the UK than in any other EU Member State.

“We expect this new proposal from the European Commission to deliver a degree of fairness to British organic farmers that they are currently denied.”

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