CAP reform key dates

THE NEW Single Payment Scheme (SPS), or Single Farm Payment in Scotland requires producers to be aware of many new dates in the calendar, according to Andersons.

Below are some of the key dates under the SPS and Environmental Stewardship Scheme:

1 Jan SPS scheme starts – cross compliance rules apply until 31 Dec
on entire holding
15 Jan Set-aside period starts
31 Jan Deadline for submission of ‘hardship‘ application forms (SP2)
1 Feb New guidance on soil management under cross compliance
comes into effect
1 Mar Hedgerows must not be trimmed between now and July 31
Mar New ESS launched – Entry and Higher Level options. Application
deadline likely to be in April, for agreements to start May 1.
End Mar/
early Apr
2005 IACS forms (SP5) and Explanatory Guides issued to farmers
15 Apr Earliest date for using non-selective herbicides on set-aside
30 Apr Latest date on which 10-month period can start for 2005 SPS year
16 May Deadline for submission of IACS forms under SPS
June Rate for converting SPS payment from Euros
to Sterling likely to be set
15 July Sowing for harvest 2006 allowed on set-aside land;
2m margins come into effect
15 Aug Compulsory cut of set-aside must have been done by now
31 Aug 2005 set-aside period ends
Autumn Claimants likely to be notified of their SPS entitlement allocations
1 Oct Earliest start date of 10-month period for 2006 SPS year
1 Nov First payment under ESS scheme for agreements starting on May 1
1 Dec Earliest date for payment of SFP (through to end of June 2006)
31 Dec End of 2005 SPS year


Source: Andersons

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