CAP reforms ‘de-stabilising’ for Wales

Wales’ farming communities would be undermined by the latest CAP reform proposals. 

According to Farmers’ Union of Wales president, Emyr Jones, the proposals would both de-stabilise Wales’ rural communities and devastate European food security. 

“Last year the European Commission acknowledged the dangers Europe faces over the coming years due to food shortages and identified this as the number one priority,’’ he said. “But the latest proposals would take land out of agriculture and reduce food production across the EU while undermining farming communities across Wales.” 

Mr Jones suggested that the proposals represented a missed opportunity to address key challenges identified by the EC and the European Parliament. 

“The combined problems of food security and climate change have been described as ‘the perfect storm’, and the CAP should be seen as a toolkit to address these challenges,’’ added Mr Jones. 

“Yet today’s proposals could almost have been aimed at making matters worse and ignoring the fact that we have a framework which was specifically set up to protect people against starvation.”

Mr Jones said the union would work hard to get changes implemented to protect rural Wales and Welsh food production.

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