Cereal production figures in 2006 below previous levels

Cereal, wheat and barley production in Britain last year fell short of the previous year’s levels, according to Defra’s final 2006 UK production estimates.

Cereal production in 2006 was 1% than 21Mt produced the previous year, while wheat production was down slightly from 14.73Mt to 14.86Mt.

Total barely production in 2006 was also slightly lower than the previous year, from 5.5Mt to 5.24Mt.

Oat production saw some increase, with production levels rising from 0.53Mt to 0.73Mt, while rye and other cereals totalled 0.12Mt, similar to 2005 levels.

Total rapeseed production was 1.87Mt, slightly lower on the year with a 3% reduction in total area to 0.58m ha.


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