Cereals 2012: GM corn – not a ‘panacea’

GM has not delivered the yield benefits that were expected while higher seed costs eat into returns.

“GM is a tool, it’s not a panacea,” Dan Basse told an audience at Cereals 2012. Mr Basse heads US commodities market information company AgResource and farms in Wisconsin.

He described GM corn yields as disappointing and said that the technology had increased yield by just 0.10%, with US corn yields following the same yield trend since 1961.

“47% of the world corn crop is GM. Why have we not seen more of a yield kick is GM has done what it was supposed to do?

“This makes me mad – I’m paying extra for the seed but I’m not seeing the return. I’m not saying GM crops are good or bad – that’s just my experience.

“We’re now back to using insecticides because root worms in corn have become resistant.” 

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