Cereals 2014: Woldmarsh seeks to attract non-member farmers

A scheme that promises the cost-cutting benefits of a buying group without having to become a fully-fledged group member has been launched by a Lincolnshire farming co-operative at the Cereals event.

Woldlink, launched by farmer-owned Woldmarsh, aims to cut farm input costs by helping producers benefit from collective purchasing power.

The scheme claims to offer discounts on a range of products from fuel and machinery to fencing and contract services without the commitment becoming a co-op member usually entails.

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Stuart McKenzie, Woldmarsh chief executive, said signing-up to Woldlink avoided the rules and vetting processes associated with becoming a co-operative member.

Instead, through a direct debit, Woldlink could help save on admin costs while offering discounts on a range of products.

“Woldlink uses the networks of Woldmarsh to open up its buying power to non-members, allowing them to make savings on their running requirements,” he said.

“While Woldlink won’t be beating the prices that Woldmarsh members receive, it offers significant savings.”

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