Changes to organic seed mixes

ORGANIC FARMERS will be required to increase the proportion of organic seed in grass and forage seed mixes from the end of this year, according to the Soil Association.

Under current legislation, mixes must have a minimum 50% organic content by weight – this will be increased to 60% from December 31 2004 and will stand until at least December 2006, the Association reported.

But the Soil Association Grass Seed Working Group agreed with seed companies, that despite the changes, the cost of seed mixes should not increase.

“Producers are still required by EU law to provide their certification body with details of all non-organic grass seed used,” said the Soil Association‘s Alasdair Smithson.

“In most cases this can be done after purchase so long as the 60% level is achieved.”

A list of organic seed suppliers and availability can be found at