Chicken welfare protests move north to Tesco’s Sheffield stores

Animal welfare campaign group Compassion In World Farming is stepping up the pressure on Tesco as its demonstrations move north this week to three stores in Sheffield.

Last week its campaign against the retailer hit the West Country with demonstrations outside Tesco stores in Somerset and Devon, highlighting the message “Stop being rotten to chickens”. Campaigners in Langport and Axminster spoke to local shoppers and handed out compassionate shopping guides containing key information on how to switch to free-range chicken and eggs.

A lobbying letter was also handed to store managers urging them to listen to consumer demand and to take the lives of millions of chickens seriously.

These demonstrations which call on Tesco to strengthen their policies on farm animal welfare will continue until the company agrees to improve the lives of millions of chickens. They are set to happen on Wednesday at three stores, including Eccleshall Metro store and Woodseats Metro near Sheffield.

It claims on its website: “Tesco’s policies are causing immense suffering to millions of chickens. We must end this cruelty now by calling on the UK largest supermarket to ‘Stop being rotten to chickens.'”