College Calendar : Andrea Witcombe 12/11/04

I JOINED THE ladies’ rugby team at the Freshers’ Fair when I first arrived at University, much to the surprise of my family.

We have training twice a week and play matches on Wednesdays, with Wednesday evenings the big social night, so my weeks are starting to fill up.

Our initiation into the team was after the first match played against Exeter, which we won 15-0. I wasn’t in the team that time because loads of people joined up, and I’m glad – there were a few black eyes and a dislocated arm or two. But the girls played really well, and deserved to win.

We were lucky to get away with only some heavy drinking on our initiation; some of the lads’ teams had to do some altogether more unpleasant things.

There was lots of streaking in the cold and being sick as far as I heard, although stories of having to down a goldfish were, I’m sure, only rumours. At least I hope they were! For our next social we have to dress up as grannies and granddads, though I’m not sure why.

I’ve managed to work out the trains to get back to see my boyfriend, Dave, but the weather has started to mess them around. The track goes along the seafront through Dawlish and the waves were so high there one day that the carriages flooded.

They closed the line and took us a few stations up by coach, thank goodness. When I got back to Dave’s, he’d made me a candle-lit dinner of home-made lasagna, my favourite, so the day was not as bad as I thought.

Dad sent a load of store cattle to Taunton market a while back to make some room for the winter, and I”m very proud to say that his Belgium Blues topped the market at £660 a piece.

That’s not the only time he’s done it either; last year he sent on a few Blue sucklers, each with a pair of calves and they did the exact same thing. It’s becoming a bit of a habit!