Conservatives call for IPPC investigation

Shadow agriculture minister James Paice called for an independent investigation into how the new Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regulations fees have been calculated, at the 40th Egg & Poultry Industry Conference held in Blackpool on Monday (6 November).

In the UK, registration costs about £3000 with an annual charge of about £2500. But elsewhere in Europe, producers face much lower fees, Danish producers face a one off £700 fee while the Dutch and Belgians face no charge at all.

“We need an external investigation to find out why the UK needs such high charges. It’s not the principle, but the scale of them.

“We need a transparent system of calculating the charges. It’s not right to load it with inefficiencies and red tape. Don’t forget, the UK poultry industry already has high environmental credentials, as it’s met its 20% Climate Change Levy reduction target.”