Consumers back rules to protect British farmers

A poll of public opinion has found that four fifths (4/5) of adults would support new laws to protect farmers in their dealings with the big supermarkets.

It also revealed that two thirds (2/3) of those surveyed think British farmers are not being paid enough for the food they produce.  The poll, carried out by GfK NOP Consumer Omnibus, surveyed 1000 adults aged 15+. 

“This is a clear message to the government that the British public does care about farmers and that they want action to stop them being bullied by the big supermarkets,” said Sandra Bell, Friends of the Earth’s Supermarkets Campaigner.

“It seems that shoppers understand better than the government that it’s hard for farmers to produce high quality food and protect the environment if they are being constantly squeezed on price.

“Campaigners have been telling the government and the Office of Fair Trading for the last four years that the weak Supermarket Code of Practice is not working – perhaps now they will listen,” she added.

The poll was commissioned by the Breaking the Armlock Alliance and Friends of the Earth to mark the fourth anniversary of the Supermarket Code of Practice.

See Friday’s (24 March) edition of Farmers Weekly for the full report on the story including a breakdown of responses to the questions asked.